A Sea Container is an economical and safe way of shipping almost any kind of cargo. But putting a cargo into a closed strong box also entails a constant risk of moisture damage for every kind of cargo on every voyage.

  • Metals corrode, discolor and lose their shine
  • Cargo and packaging get moldy, soft, crumbled and discolored.
  • Bad smell
  • Physical damage from water, ice, things gluing together, caking etc. Such damage may result in substantial losses and costs. Yet obviously not every shipment suffers moisture damage, and most of those that do, suffer only limited damage. In fact, lots of moisture damage remains unrecognized, because it is considered "normal". Very few shippers have a good system of feedback from the receivers of their goods. There may be lots of things they don't know but we DryBag already came up with direct and indirect cost saving solution.

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Our expertise and passion drives us to create solutions to best protect your cargo. We provide solutions and services for virtually every industry.

Name Product
Agriculture products : Coffee, Tea, Rice, Flour, Corn, Tobacco, Pepper, Wheat Flour, Ground Nuts, Betel Nuts , Cocoa, Cloves, Ginger, Bran, Vegetables, Fruits, Others
Automotive industry : CKD's parts, Windows, Interiors,
Electrical/electronic goods : Home or industrial, Appliances, Electrical appliances, Cables, Toys
Glass and glass products : Bottles, Car windows
Leather goods : Footwear, Bags , Clothing, Garments, Furniture,
Logistics : Household goods, Melamine, Handicrafts, polythene and charcoal, Food, Beverage
Metal products : steel sheet, coils, machinery, fasteners, tin cans, car parts/spare parts, aluminum and copper products
Textiles department store : Garments, piece goods, carpets, curtains
Tobacco and tobacco products : Raw tobacco, End product
Wooden products (including paper) : Furniture, moulding timber, timber, wood pulp, paper products (industrial and consumers)
Department stores: Merchandise, Interiors, Warehouse/Showroom 'storage protection'