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Dry Bag is a simple and safe product, delivered in a tubular plastic film package and is ready to absorb moisture. It contains harmless calcium chloride. The material is resistant to aging, heat and cold.

Our products are available in sizes as per customer requirements as:

1. Dry Bag-1 Kg ( Item Code :DB1000) .

2. Dry Bag -600gm ( Item Code:DB600).

1. Dry Bag-1 Kg : Item Code (DB1000)-

The Dry Bag- 1Kg is a container desiccant used to protect cargo during shipping and storage from damages caused by humidity



How the Dry Bag (DB1000)-1 Kg Works?

The Dry Bag is activated once it is removed from its transparent protective PE bag. The Dry Bag will then immediately start to absorb moisture from the surrounding air when the relative humidity starts to go up. The full surface of the Dry Bag contains the calcium chloride which actively absorbs moisture ..As the desiccant material absorbs moisture it will gradually dissolves into rubber gel. This will be captured in the full bag from top to bottom. Once captured, the moisture will not re-evaporate into the air.

Performance and Safety :

The absorption characteristics of calcium chloride provide Dry Bag with a superior absorption capacity, even at low humidity levels, and the ability to effectively protect cargo throughout the entire voyage. The unique features of not re-evaporating into the air any more makes Dry Bag unique compared to re-evaporating products and moisture getting caught into small containers or bags.Our specialized representatives will help you to estimate the right installation for your shipment as it depends on the length of the voyage, the range of temperatures encountered and the type of cargo protected.

Ingredients: calcium chloride, starch, natural clay
Gross Weight: 1.1 kg
Temperatures: -20°C to +90°C
Absorption power: Up to 250% of original substance weight

2.Dry Bag -600gm ( Item Code:DB600):

The Dry Bag is available in 600 gm also. We can design and manufacture starting from 1gm to 2kg as per the specific requirement of customers.



Disposal :

It is made only of PE/PP plastics and salt, which are non-toxic and recyclable. Dry bag is a one-time product and can be disposed with regular waste. The PE film keeps moisture from escaping underneath.

Superiority :

It has a flat design, consequently easier to be hung in the container without disturbing the space for other goods in the container

Unique Features :
  • Non Toxic
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Approved to be used with food products
  • All plastics material is recyclable and the absorption mix can be disposed in ordinary household waste
  • Leak Proof
  • High Absorption Rates
  • Our unique mixture is 100% leak proof and absorbs up to 2.5 times its weight.

Applications :

Dry Bag can be used with Agricultural products, Machinery, Electronics, Automotive parts, Canned goods, Textiles, leather ,Wood , paper products, Plastics, glass and metals . Dry Bag Desiccants are free from Dimethyl Fumarate or any other biocides.

With Dry Bag products, less is more. You need fewer and smaller units that perform 40 - 60% better than any other desiccant in the market!
Better Efficiency = More Savings

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