What is it?

ABS Oxygen Absorbers are oxygen scavengers that remove oxygen from the product packing and keep the product fresher for longer.

How it Works:

ABS Oxygen absorber is made with an unique formulation and packed in special packing material which enhances the permeability of Oxygen. When placed properly in a hermetically sealed package, ABS Oxygen absorbers significantly reduces Oxygen to 0.01 %

Why ABS Oxygen Absorbers ?

Oxygen is the primary pathway to food degradation that affects flavor, color, smell, texture and deteriorates nutritioning. Aerobic microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, and fungi require oxygen to form thrive and multiply which ultimately spoils food. ABS Oxygen absorbers have a high capacity for oxygen absorption. ABS Oxygen Absorbers can reach and maintain an oxygen level of less than 0.01% within 24 to 48 hrs after placing them in a sealed pack.

ABS Oxygen Absorbers Effectively protects:

  • Nuts, Grains, Beans, Pasta
  • Baked Goods, Bread, Tortillas
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Meals Ready to Eat
  • Confectionary and dairy products
  • Pharma / powdered protein

General Instructions/Information

  • Oxygen Absorbers can be used inside Tin, Poly Packing, Vaccum Packing and consumer packing of 50 gms to 50 kgs.
  • Oxygen Absorbers can enhance the product shelf life during storage in warehouses, shops, malls, export shipment.
  • Oxygen Absorbers quantity can be recommended on the basis of Product characteristics / time period of storage / infestation classification
  • Frequently Trade World facing problems like infestation, weevils, Discoloration, Bad smell / Odour, nutrition losses, etc by using poor quality absorbers. These issues can be avoided /minimized to the maximum extent using ABS Oxygen Absorbers.

Usage Instructions/Information

  • Open Polythene sealed pack and take out ABS Oxygen Absorbers.
  • Put sachets inside the Tin or Consumer packing, etc.
  • Oxygen Absorbers are easy to dispose at destination and can be disposed as usual waste.
  • ABS Oxygen Absorbers are widely used in Nuts, Pulses, Lentiles, Grains, Bakery products, etc as it is approved by International organization.

Precautions Instructions/Information

  • Install ABS Oxygen Absorbers immediately after opening the polythene sealed pack.
  • Don't use desiccant if sealed open for longer period.
  • Don't press or hide ABS Oxygen Absorbers with export cargo bags, boxes, etc inside the conainers.
  • Keep atleast 1 to 2 inch distance between ABS Oxygen Absorbers and export cargo / material.
  • Avoid direct contact of desiccant with your mouth, eyes, ears, nose.