What is it?

ABS Inbox Desiccants are calcium chloride based 2 layer packaging pouches.

ABS Inbox desiccant pouches are effective in preventing wetness, within cartons, polybags, crates and other styles to control wetness mold, fungus, rust, and other condensation related damages. ABS Inbox desiccant can absorb over 10x more moisture than traditional inbox desiccants.

How it works?

The calcium chloride within the Drybag Inbox desiccant pouch starts working as soon as it is removed from its transparent packaging. ABS Drybag Pouch absorbs excess moisture from the atmosphere air passing in through its outer breathable packaging material. ABS Drybag Pouch ensures absorbed moisture is converted into a gel and stays inside the pouch without leaking or re-evapourating.

Why ABS Inbox Desiccants?

10x absorbtion capacity then traditional
Occupies less loading space
Easy to use & Cost-effective
Environmental friendly, Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous
Certified by Major Inspection Agencies
REACH, RoHS compliant and adheres to EU standards

ABS Inbox Desiccants effectively protect

Furniture & Handicrafts
Leather & Footwear
Machine parts & Mechanical equipment
Leather goods & Shoes
Electrical &Electronic equipment
Automotive & Consumer products
Cotton & jute products garments

Pack Size: Available from 1 gm to 250 gms as per specific requirements of the customer.