Higher moisture absorbing container Desiccant with zero leakage

What is it?

ABS DryBag is a specially designed container desiccant aimed at protecting cargo during the voyage by aggressively absorbing excess moisture from the air within the closed atmosphere/environment

How it Works:

ABS DryBag starts working once it is removed from its transparent sealed packaging and installed inside the shipping container. The calcium chloride absorbs excess moisture from the circulating air inside the shipping Container that passes through the outer breathable PE/PP layer. ABS DryBag ensures that the absorbed excess moisture is trapped inside in the gel form without leaking or re-evaporation.

Why ABS DryBag

  • Comes with 3 layer packing including patented Tyvek Inner packing.
  • Designed for longer voyages of 90+ days with leak-proof packing
  • Can be installed vertically / horizontally
  • Environmental friendly Drybag with a pocket-friendly budget
  • Certified and recommended by major quality inspection agencies like SGS & BV
  • Non-Toxic * Non-Hazardous * DMF Free * RoHS & REACH certified

ABS DryBag effectively protects

  • Agricultural Commodities
  • Machinery and spare parts
  • Footwear, and Handicrafts
  • Leather and Textiles
  • Leather Goods
  • Rugs & Carpets
  • Jute and Cotton Products
  • Garments
  • Electricals & Electronics
  • Foundry products
  • Home Applicances
  • Home Furnishing
  • Available in standard 1kg (DB1000), 0.6Kg (DB600) packing


ABS DryBag has absorbtion capacity of 250%

Features DRYBAG (DB1000) DRYBAG (DB600)
Absorption Upto 2.5 ltr Upto 1.5 ltr
Net Weight 1000 gms 600 gms
Length of the product 1200MM 755MM
Width of the product 155MM 145MM
Packing (Pcs/polythene sealed) 1 pcs 2 pcs
Packing (Pcs/box) 20 pcs 40 pcs
Installation Hang it to hook (Horizontal / Vertical) Hang it to hook (Horizontal )
Working Temperatures -20°c to +90°c -20°c to +90°c
Working Period Till absorption of 2.5 ltr moisture Till absorption of 1.5 ltr moisture
Acceptance Non-Hazardous, Eco-Friendly, Re-cyclable and Easy to dispose Non-Hazardous, Eco-Friendly, Re-cyclable and Easy to dispose
Moisture Release No such possibility as the absorbed moisture is trapped inside. No such possibility as the absorbed moisture is trapped inside.
Packaging Comes in 3 Layer packing with Tyvek, Non-Woven & PE/PP which is the only US Comes in 3 Layer packing with Tyvek, Non-Woven & PE/PP which is US FDA approved food grade packing material.
Certification SGS / BV tested & certified SGS / BV tested & certified
ROHS / REACH certified Yes Yes


(a) Drybag is used inside export container of 20 feet and 40 feet.
(b) Drybag can be used in storage warehouses based on certain principles.
(c) Drybag model can be selected based on different export products.
(d) Drybag quantity can be recommended on the basis of cargo/ cantainer size / voyage period / temperature / relative humidity / Countries Geography / Dew Points, seasonalities etc.
(e)Frequently Trade world facing problems like condesation damages, Moisture damages, Discoloration, Bad smell / Odour, etc by using poor qulity desiccants. These issues can be avoided / minimized to the maximum extent using ABS Drybag.

Installation Instructions/Information:

(a) Open Polythene sealed pack and takeout ABS Drybag desiccant.
(b) Hang Drybag inside the container's on hooks.
(c) Drybag can be hanged horizontally / vertically as per desired requirements.
(d)DryBag should be installed by maintaining 125mm gap from the cargo.
(e) DryBag should be in such a way that it maintains regular contact with circulating air.
(f) DryBag should not be blocked by cargo.

Precautions Instructions/Information:

(a) Install ABS Drybag immediately after opening the polythene sealed pack.
(b) Don't use desiccant if seal is opened for longer period.
(c) Don't press or hide ABS Drybag with export cargo bags, boxes, etc inside the conainers.
(d) Avoid direct contact of desiccant with your mouth, eyes, ears, nose.