Traditional moisture absorbing container Desiccant with two layer packing

What is it?

ABS DrySac is a traditional clay-based container desiccant that significantly reduces moisture inside shipping containers.

How it Works:

ABS DrySac starts working once it is removed from its transparent sealed packaging and installed inside the shipping container. High-performance clay packed in breathable lightweight bag absorbs excess moisture from the air.

Why ABS DrySac

  • Comes with 2 layer packing.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Non-Toxic * Non-Hazardous * DMF Free * RoHS & REACH certified

ABS DrySac effectively protects

  • Machinery and spare parts
  • Furniture, Footwear, and Handicrafts
  • Leather and Textiles
  • Consumer Products
  • Agricultural Commodities
  • Available in standard 2kg (DS2000) and 1kg (DS1000) packing.