Traditional moisture absorbing container Desiccant with two layer packing

What is it?

Drybag Max++ is a traditional clay-based container desiccant that significantly reduces moisture inside shipping containers.

How it Works:

Drybag Max++ starts working once it is removed from its transparent sealed packaging and installed inside the shipping container. High-performance clay packed in breathable lightweight bag absorbs excess moisture from the air.

Why Drybag Max++

  • Comes with 2 layer packing.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Non-Toxic * Non-Hazardous * DMF Free * RoHS & REACH certified

Drybag Max++ effectively protects

  • Agricultural products
  • Machinery and spare parts
  • Furniture, Footwear, and Handicrafts
  • Leather and Textiles
  • Consumer Products
  • Available in standard 2 kg (DG2000) and 1 Kg (DG1000) packing.

ABS Container Desiccants range of products – Drybag, Drygel and Drymax are available in standard pack sizes and can be customized as per the specific requirements of individual customers.


Features DRYMAX++ (125 GMS) DRYMAX++ (DB 300)
Absorption Upto 500 ml Upto 1.2 ltr
Net Weight 125 gms 300 gms
Length of the product 260MM 420MM
Width of the product 155MM 155MM
Packing (Pcs/polythene sealed) 4 pcs 2pcs
Packing (Pcs/box) 96 pcs 48pcs
Installation Adhesive style
(Stick inside of the container at wall)
Hang it to hook
( Vertical )
Working Temperatures -20°c to +90°c -20.c to +90.c
Acceptance Non-Hazardous, Eco-Friendly, Re-cyclable and Easy to dispose Till absorption of 1.2 Itr moisture
Working Period Till absorption of 500ml moisture Till absorption of 500ml moisture
Acceptance Non-Hazardous, Eco-Friendly, Re-cyclable and Easy to dispose Non-Hazardous, Eco-Friendly, Re-cyclable and Easy to dispose
Moisture Release No such possibility as the absorbed moisture is trapped inside. No such possibility as the absorbed moisture is trapped inside.
Packaging Paking with Tyvek & Non-Woven packing material. Paking with Tyvek & Non-Woven packing material.
Certification SGS / BV tested & certified SGS / BV tested & certified
ROHS / REACH certified Yes Yes

General Instructions/Information

  • Drybag Max++ is used inside export container of 20 feet and 40 feet.
  • Drybag Max++ can be used in storage warehouses based on certain principles.
  • Drybag Max++ model can be selected based on different export products.
  • Drybag Max++ units to be used can be recommanded on the basis of cargo/ cantainer size / voyage period / temperature / relative humidity / Countries Geography / Dew Points, seasonalities etc.
  • Frequently Trade world facing problems like condesation damages, Moisture damages, Discoloration, Bad smell / Odour, weight loss, etc by using poor qulity desiccants. These issues can be avoided / minimized to the maximum extent using ABS Drybag Max++.

Installation Instructions/Information

  • Open Polythene sealed pack and takeout ABS Drybag Max++ desiccant.
  • Hang Drybag Max++ inside the container's on hooks.
  • Drybag Max++ can be hanged horizontally / vertically as per desired requirements.
  • DryBag Max++ should be installed by maintaining 125mm gap from the cargo.
  • DryBag Max++ Max++ should be in such a way that it maintains regular contact with circulation air.
  • DryBag Max++ should not be blocked by cargo.

Precautions Instructions/Information

  • Install ABS Drybag Max++ immediately after opening the polythene sealed pack.
  • Don't use desiccant if seal is opened for longer period.
  • Don't press or hide ABS Drybag Max++ with export cargo bags, boxes, etc inside the conainers.
  • Avoid direct contact of desiccant with in your mouth, eyes, ears, nose.