Measures To Control Moisture – ABS Container Desiccants

The only remedy is to keep the air inside the container dry. The first thing to do is to ensure that the cargo and all the packaging are as dry as possible. A wet container floor or some pallets stored in the rain may be enough to ruin a cargo.

Desiccants: is a product that will absorb excess moisture from the environment inside shipping container to eliminate mold, corrosion, mildew, peeling labels and other harmful effects of moisture & condensation during shipping and storage by controlling dew point.

Desiccants based on calcium chloride, such as DryBag, have a vigorous absorption over a large temperature range.

Desiccants based on a mixture of clay and calcium chloride are very good absorbers but are easily "over-saturated". Collecting plastic bags/boxes with calcium chloride, easily lose the moisture again as they do not turn the moisture into a hard gel. If an "over-saturated" absorbent meet dry conditions, eg:- as a result of a sudden increase in temperature, it will re-evaporate the moisture already absorbed in a very destructive way.

Only calcium chloride absorbers, such as DryBag, that Prevent the absorbed moisture to keep it away from contact with the air and transform it to a hard gel are free of these problems.