• What causes condensation in your container?

    Significant temperature variations, like crossing the equator and day-night temperature fluctuations, cause condensation, more essential facts can bring risks.

  • Choosing Your Desiccant?

    For each type of cargo or storage facility we supply a unique solutions by advising one of our products For more information contact our advisors directly on telephone.

  • How does Dry Bag control condensation?

    On removing the desiccant from its protective packaging and placing it in your container, it will immediately start absorbing free moisture from the air inside the container.

  • Where and when to use it?

    Dry Bag is specialized in developing efficient and innovative desiccants for humidity protection during shipment and storage.

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Every year close to 150 million containers are shipped by sea. The cargo in 30 % of these containers are in danger of being damaged by humidity causing mold, corrosion, rust, fungus and mildew in the products during shipments. Thousands of containerized cargoes are damaged by moisture problems. Metal parts arrive corroded, cardboard boxes moldy and wet, and on arrival food commodities are found to be unfit for consumption This problem costs manufacturers, Freight Forwarders, shipping lines, Trading Companies ,importers and customers, billions of dollars every year.

We build on our unrivalled experience through analysis and testing to understand condensation, sweating and moisture problem in containers .Our expertise and passion drives us to create unique, high quality desiccants for humidity control ,being proven effective in the toughest environmental conditions around the world to best protect your containers, cartons or boxes . Dry Bag Controls humidity inside the container through continuously adsorbing the moisture from the enclosed air and are designed to hold the moisture and not release it back into the container’s climate.

All our desiccants are Non –hazardous ,DMF free ,most economical and are Eco friendly.

Our Products
Dry Bag is a simple and safe product, delivered in a tubular plastic film package and is ready to absorb moisture. It contains harmless calcium chloride. The material is resistant to aging, heat and cold.
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  • Dry Bag Superior Container Desiccant , the company that helps you conquer humidity problems in containers shipped by sea.
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